Promotional Printing Techniques Described For Promotional T Shirts

Promotional Printing Techniques Described For Promotional T Shirts

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Why we print their products using different strategies at different times I’ve had many of my customers ask me.

That is a valid question and for the benefit of preparing the bigger masses and for those that are interested how they may apply to your job and I am going to summarize the difference between the t-shirt printing procedures. You will find usually four printing techniques, they’re screen printing, heat transfer press, and embroidery “well that is not actually printing but I put it there as you still need to put an image on a t shirt”. The most recent technology and the last is direct to garment. It’s at a price although this procedure can create some amazing high resolution photographic printing.

Screen printing

Screen printing is most probably the most widely used approach of printing promotional t shirts, the set up procedure is similar to counter conventional printing systems where you have to provide your pictures in to separable color files, for example if you’ve a four color file you have to furnish a CMYK file that the print production company can break each color down and isolate them from each other creating, four different print pictures, one for the cyan color, one for magenta and one each for the yellowish and K being black or grey scale.

Now that the CMYK files are distinguished a different display is made for each color in complete four displays M display, a C display, and one each for the K and Y displays. So each color has its individual display. After the displays have been quality tested and have already been created and all corrections have already been made they’re mounted on to the screen printing press were each color is aligned to the next using registration marks on the displays. What this implies is that each color is printed individually on the promotional T shirt. Now that the displays happen to be analyzed and have already been set we can start the printing the t shirts.